uniWeather app

Currently 42 stations in the Freiburg city area and the surrounding area record air temperature, humidity and precipitation. They transmit the data every five minutes via mobile network. At 13 of the stations, air pressure, wind, solar radiation and radiation temperature are also recorded. With the help of these additional measured variables, the so-called heat stress can also be calculated at the respective stations.

The data measured at the individual stations can be accessed via the "uniWeather" app, which was developed by Gregor Feigel (University of freiburg). In the app, measuring stations in different parts of the city can be selected individually as well as measured variables such as precipitation or PET (physiologically equivalent temperature) can be displayed including a graph for the past 24 hours. The app is available for iOS for free in the App Store.

More information about the app and the measuring stations network are available here.

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