Focused Cities - Stuttgart

For assessing socio-economic and demographic data linked to vulnerability and adaptive capacity in Stuttgart, two household surveys have been conducted. The first one (Survey I) was conducted by the city of Stuttgart within the “Citizen Survey / Bürgerumfrage - Stuttgart 2021”. This household survey was implemented by the statistical office of the city; the University of Stuttgart (IREUS) participated in the survey by providing selected questions. Accordingly, the two following activities are in progress:

  • The analysis of the socio-economic data and their linkages with perceived heat (e.g. in terms of risk perception, adaptation measures and capacities)
  • The analysis of the linkage between the social profile, structure types of the city and perceived heat stress

The second household survey (Survey II) was directly conducted by the University of Stuttgart (IREUS). Considering a set of specific indicators, this questionnaire is particularly designed to capture human vulnerability and capacities to deal with heat stress. Information from this survey will be coupled with remote sensing data to identify and cluster differential socio-economic and demographic profiles linked to different settlement types/structures. From empirical analysis, the linkages between the perceived heat stress by residents, city structure types and the socio-economic profile of the city will be explored to inform future adaptation policies.