Case Studies - All Cities

Three tiers of cities will be considered in urbisphere:

As Tier 1 cities we chose Berlin and Paris. In both cities we have undertaken previous research and existing monitoring infrastructure. Moreover, Paris is a global city providing a range of complexities: large, experiencing change, is vulnerable to climate change, has old and new infrastructure and socio-economic complexity.

Tier 2 cities, are cities in Europe purposefully selected because of existing and specialised data will allow us to test, and in some cases refine, selected aspects of the urbisphere approach.

Tier 3 are cities globally where we will focus on places and partners that have complementary data to test the UDA modelling and scenarios. We will also develop and evaluate tools to use EO data necessary to retrieve model inputs – including running models for the past (refer to Shanghai example).

All potential urbisphere Case Studies along with the respective research priority topics are shown below: