The urbisphere 2020 Modelling Workshop

urbisphere Kickoff image

The #urbisphere #ERC-SyG 2020 Modelling Workshop was successfully concluded today. It was organized as a set of online seminars, hosted by Sue Grimmond on July 8-10, with the participation of all team members of the four urbisphere (@ERC_Research) Organizations (@UniFreiburg, @UniofReading, @Uni_Stuttgart, @FORTH_ITE). The workshop focused on three main software tools that are used in urbisphere: UMEP (urban climate services tool), SUEWS (energy, water and carbon balance model) and SuPY (Python interface to SUEWS which allows it to be rapidly used to address research questions). Fredrick Lindberg (lead UMEP developer) and Ting Sun (lead SuPY developer and current lead on SUEWS) led the on-line seminars. Full access to urbisphere 2020 Modelling Workshop material is given at:

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