13th urbisphere workshop/seminar


urbisphere organises internal workshops and seminars for upgrading skills, spreading knowledge and developing common understanding among urbisphere members. This seminar was held on the 18 May 2022 and included the following topics presented by researchers of the University of Reading:

  • “Parameterising vertical structure of urban buildings for atmospheric models: impact on radiation” by Megan Stretton, Sue Grimmond, Robin Hogan and William Morrison
  • “Predicting natural ventilation potential in idealised neighbourhoods” by Xiaoxiong Xie, Zhiwen Luo and Sue Grimmond
  • “Difference between building anthropogenic heat emission and building energy consumption: importance of building occupancy schedule” by Yiqing Liu, Zhiwen Luo and Sue Grimmond
internal_workshop_13 internal_workshop_13 internal_workshop_13
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