Case Studies - Campaigns

Observation campaigns will take place in several cities: Berlin, Paris, Stuttgart, Bristol.
The implementation of these campaigns will contribute to scientific gains as to the state-of-the-art research, leading to a multiscale modelling and assessment system of urban areas determining vulnerability and adaptive capacities of cities.

In the context of the campaigns, the Smart Urban Observation System (SmUrObS), which requires a broad range of data regarding atmospheric conditions and processes to characterise the city form and function across wide range of scales, will be utilized, tested and validated to ensure comparability between sensors and between campaigns as well as deployments in different cities.

In the campaign fields, new developments (novel portable and wearable technology sensors, path integrating and scanning sensors, stable isotope approaches, etc.) will be integrated to attribute emissions to sources. These developments will be combined with traditional fixed-station networks and ground-based sensing to retrieve a continuous and highly detailed 4-D view of the dynamic interaction between cities and the atmosphere.

All campaign cities, including links providing more information about each campaign, are shown below: